Krushi Virex

KRUSHI VIREX is a combination in a controlled proportions of Herbal Extracts. It contains 15+ extracts of essential herbs and medicinal plants like neem, tulsi, turmeric, A. Paniculata etc that develops resistance in plants against viral diseases naturally for a long time. Other essential additives include Solidified Curcuma longa, Andro. peniculata, Boerhavia diffuse along with all essential amino acids in traces and when applied through leaf surface gives excellent and enormous crop health to plants.

Trials were taken and excellent results were found in fields which were infected by viral diseases like Yellow leaf curl virus, yellow vein virus, ringspot virus, rattle virus, pox virus, leaf curl.

Also prevents to some extent from bacterial and fungal diseases like Blasting, seed and pollenborne viruses, bacterial leaf spot, purple blotch, sheath blight, leaf spots, sooty mould, fruit rot, die back, early blight, late blight, rust, powdery mildew, downey mildew etc.

It is safe for enviornment as it 100% Bio degradable.

Packaging available :


For field application, using the Krushi Virex as a spray on the foliar parts is the most recommended application, because this method instantly acts on the virus after spray.


Foliar Application:

1. Mix 15 ml. of Krushi Virex in 15 litre of water to prevent crop and plants in early stage.

1-2 ml. of Krushi Virex to be mixed in per litre of water and sprayed directly on leaves having severe viral disease.

200-250ml/acre or 500-600ml/hectare depending upon the stages of crop and disease.


Doses vary depending upon plant stage, crop type, weather etc. Sprays should be done in 15-30 days intervals for tremendous and visible results.


Tobacco, cotton, citrus, paddy, pepper, tomato, flowers, vegetables, onion, melons, papaya, cucurbits, capsicum, potato, peanuts, soybean, maize, wheat, garlic, ginger, radish, carrot, okra, cauliflower etc. It is also suitable for all other types of crops, millets, cereals, pulses, fruits, spices, medicinal crops, aromatic crops, orchards and ornamentals.