Krushi Spreader

Krushi Spreader has unique action of sticking, wetting, spreading and penetration. It makes the spraying solution homogeneous & improves efficacy of agrochemicals by several fold. It is an all purpose spray adjuvant, when used in spray solutions it increases the effectiveness of the ingredients of the solution. It does not allow the spray to get washed out even on rainy days because of its excellent qualities.


  • With Insecticides, Fungicides: 5 ml per 15 Ltr. Pump
  • Herbicides: 5ml per 15 Ltr. Pump
  • Biofertilizer/Biopesticides: 3.5ml per 15 Ltr. Pump
  • Post Harvest Solution: 4ml per 15 Ltr water.
  • OR use 30-40 ml per 100 Ltr water.


  • Non‐ionic wetter, super spreader, penetrant and surfactant.
  • Produces rainfastness more quickly than typical surfactants.
  • Increase effectiveness of Agro inputs.
  • Increases soil wetting and maximise effectiveness of soil fertilizers.
  • Better spray coverage with less water & agrochemical.
Recommended for:

All types of crops, Flowering, Horticulture and Exotic Plants..

Packaging available :

Recommended crops

All Crops,flowering,horticulture, and exotic plant.


3-5 ml per 15Litre water
20ml per 100L Water