Krushi NPK

KRUSHI NPK is used as a fast responding nutritional and rehabilitating agent for soil and plants. This is a remarkable product and acts to counter the high salts and high pH in irrigation water. It remediates salts from soil, bathe the plants in rich nutrition, regenerate roots, feed the indigenous microbes and improve water use efficiency. The product preserves the whole complex of biologically active substances. It is a combination of biodegradable source of nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus and micro elements, in bioavailable organic matter, as well as native microflora, which promotes metabolic pathways and also serves as a source of active natural associations of microorganism for degraded soil.


Drenching: Mix 3-5 ml of KRUSHI NPK in 1 litre of water per sq. Meter area. The right time of application will be before flowering and after bud formation or apply every 15 days.
Recommended for:

All plants and vegetables in nurseries, greenhouses ,floriculture, horticulture, exotic plants and field crops.


  • Increases the efficacy of pesticides up to 20%.
  • Promotes flowering hormones, plant cell elongation, cell division and thickening.
  • Promotes stress resistivity to unfavorable environmental conditions.
  • Improve plant production quality.
  • Act as soil revitalizer, increases soil fertility and water-holding capacity.

Recommended crops:

All types crops, vegetables,horticulture and floriculture


2-3 ml per Liter water