Krushi Flower Booster

Krushi Flower Booster is unique organic liquid formulation containing combination of organic growth stimulators with naturally available vegetable protein. It is plant energizer, flowering stimulants and yield booster. It increases photosynthesis process and also increases branches. It enhances the plant canopy and induces profuse flowering and thereby increases the yield. It enhances the flower forming at flower budding area.


For Spray: Mix 3-5ml product in 1 Litre of water and spray once in every 15 days after sowing/transplantation to increase the yield significantly.

Recommended for:

All types of Flowering, Ornamental plants, Vegetables and Horticulture.


2-2.5 ml per liter water

Packaging available :

250ml, 500ml, 1L, 5L, 50L, 200L.<>


  • Early emergence of flowers.
  • Induces flower budding.
  • Prevents flower drops.
  • Increases length of panicles.
  • Keeps plants healthier, greener & more attractive.
  • Helps plant cell elongation, cell division, thickening.