Krushi Fire

KRUSHI Fire Plus is a natural organic liquid formulation containing combination of extracts from various medicinal plant leaves, seeds and oil. It has dual active ingredients, acts as contact poison and Fumigant. It controls both nymph and adult stages of Insects. It can be used as Antifeedant for Aphids, Thrips, Spider Mites, Red Mites, Bugs, Sucking Pest etc. Krushi Fire Plus, when sprayed on plants, develops resistance to several types of pest infections and repels the insects.


Foliar spray - Mix 2-3 ml in 1 litre of water and spray over affected area.

Packaging available :

250ml, 500ml, 1 L, 5L, 50L, 200L


  • Complete crop-protect solution.
  • Multi target pest control.
  • Also acts as fungicide.
  • 100% herbal and best suited for organic farming.
  • Compatible with all kind of fertilizers.
  • Do not develop resistance in insects.


All types of mites, also on Aphids,Jasside,THips and weekly interval at severe condition.

Application frequency

Spraying Should be done 10 days interval initially and weekly interval at severe condition

Targets crops

fruits, Flowers, Vegetables and Other traditional crops.Best of grapes, tomato, rose,marigold


2-3 ml per Litre water