Krushi Culture

KRUSHI CULTURE is a natural and unique composition of an efficient group of bacteria, yeasts and fungi which has been thoroughly tested and proven safe for human and animals.

It improves the soil's physical, chemical & biological condition and also helps in accelerating decomposition of organic waste. It can also control the odour generation during the compost process. When used with various organic formulations like Jivamrut, Compost, FYM etc, it boost their activity.

Enhancing Fertilizer Efficiency

Krushi Culture will solubilize compounds both organic and inorganic that are largely unavailable to plants and make them available for uptake by the plants root system, allowing the plant to put more energy into growth. It improves the function of Microbes, create more efficient use of present and added nutrients, generate a better growth response.

How to Use

Mix with Organic Solution : Use 5ml per Litre organic Formulations like Jivamrut, and 1 Litre per ton of compost, FYM etc

For Agriculture and Garden: Mix 1 Litre in 200 Ltr water and use for one acre. Use for drenching or spray on foliar parts with dilution 5ml / Ltr. Use once in a Month.

Note: In case of severe deficiencies use frequently.

Packaging available :

100ml, 250ml, 500ml, 1L, 5L


  • Suitable for agriculture, horticulture & floriculture.
  • Enhance soil condition.
  • Environment friendly.
  • No antibiotic, No pesticides, No Heavy metals.
  • Water & Soil pH buffer.


  • Keep in cool & dry place.
  • Store in shed & protect from heat & direct sunlight.
  • Do not mix with chemical fertilizers and pesticides.


1. Keep away from children. 2. Use the product before expiry date. 3. Not for human consumption. If swallowed by mistake consult physician immediately.